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Buying a home in Portland Oregon?

We can help you understand Escrow process in Oregon.


Navigating the home-buying process in Portand is easy with The Mork Group by your side.

We can assist you at every turn and help make the finding and buying a home in Portland effortless.

Title insurance companies also provide efficient, affordable escrow services in Oregon, as they do in most western states. Once a real estate sale agreement is ready, the title company follows these general steps:


Step 1: Open Escrow


  • Contract documents and escrow instructions delivered to and reviewed by escrow officer.

  • Earnest money deposited.

  • Title officer reviews documents in the chain of title, property and subdivision maps, tax data, court filings, and results of judgment and lien searches.

  • Title officer issues Preliminary Title Report and distributes copies to principals, agents, escrow officer, and new lender.

  • Escrow officer requests payoff demands for loans and other nontransferable items shown on Preliminary Title Report.

  • Requests clarification of other liens, title exceptions, HOA assessments, and reviews property taxes.

  • Escrow officer gets loan documents from lender.

  • Reviews file to determine that all escrow instruction conditions met.

  • Requests hazard insurance binder.

  • Computes closing costs; prepares estimated closing statement and final escrow and title documents.

  • Buyer deposits balance of funds. Principals sign closing documents.

  • Title officer checks for recent lien filings, updates status of title, and issues title policy.

  • Title documents sent to recording, pending authorization to record.

  • Loan documents returned to lender for review and approval to record.

  • Title deed and deed of trust recorded and loan funds released.

  • Escrow disburses funds, distributes final statements and documents.


Step 2: Order Title Search


Step 3: Request Payoffs


Step 4: Prepare Documents


Step 5: Close Escrow


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