Loan Approval Process


In today’s mortgage market, we verify income, assets and credit history as part of the loan approval process. Below are the typical documents we collect:


Income for a W2 Wage Earner:


  • Pay Stubs which cover the most recent 30 days of pay

  • W-2’s for the previous 2 years

  • Employment Contract (if new job)


Income for a Self Employed individual:


  • 2 years signed and dated personal tax returns (complete)

  • 2 years 1065 or 1120 returns (if applicable)

  • Current Profit and loss statement

  • Business License


Do you own investment Properties?  If so, please also have ready:


  • 2 years signed and dated personal tax returns

  • Rental Agreements

  • Mortgage Payment information or proof of clear title

  • Insurance Declaration Pages outlining annual premium





  • Most Recent Bank Statements for the previous 2 months

  • Most Recent Mutual Fund, Stock or other investment statements

  • Most Recent Retirement fund statements

    • for all Asset accounts we must have all the pages from your statements, even if the final pages are “intentionally left blank” or are check reconciliation worksheets




  • Complete Divorce Decree/Bankruptcy Papers (if Applicable)

  • Home Insurance Company contact details

  • Identification: state issued ID, Passports or other official identification

  • A complete list of where you have lived for the past 2 years and landlord contact details if during the past 2 years you were a renter