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Owner Selling Your Home In Oregon? Know the Facts!


There are several factors to consider when deciding to selling your home without the aid of a professional Realtor. Below are the pros and cons to help aid you in your decision:


Save Money: Home sales usually involve a 5-6% commission that is split between the buyers and sellers agent. By selling a house on your own, you can eliminate the selling agents commission.


Competitive Pricing: In a buyers market, where there are lots or similar homes available, your home can be hard to sell because of the competition. By selling a house on your own, you can change the price for a faster sale.


Convenience:  You can schedule showings at your convenience and when it works best for you. You can prepare accordingly  for when someone is coming to look at the house and be there to show it,



Lack of Knowledge or Experience: Without a qualified Realtor, you may miss out on important facts and information that could save you time, money, and headaches.

Limited marketing strategy:  You are responsible for marketing and promoting the selling of your home. Whereas Realtors have a proven marketing strategy with access to RMLS, to better advertise your home on a national level.


Liability:  When selling a house, it is important to know and disclose all necessary information about your home. Failure to provide this information could result in potential fines, and lawsuits.


Lower Price: The national average shows that homes sold without representation, have sold lower than those who have acquired representation.

Navigating the process for selling a house in Portland is easy with The Mork Group by your side.


We can assist you at every turn and help make the finding and buying a home in Portland effortless. 


Contact us today!





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